Our Approach

CWMania is a gathering place for everyone that loves Canada's Wonderland!  We will do our best to create and share great content and facilitate discussion related to the busiest seasonal park in North America.

Meet the Team

Jeff and Nick have been a part of the CWMania team for many years.  After contributing content and moderating forums, they have now taken over running the day-to-day operations and creating/updating content on a regular basis.


Jeff (coasterboy)

Web Admin

Jeff is a true park enthusiast. Not only does he love roller coasters,  but he loves everything about a day at a park: the waterslides, the entertainment, and of course the food! Jeff's approach is to make interviews fun and relaxed, and as you can see from CWMania's videos, it makes those being interviewed relaxed too.  If a video is fun we think  you'll enjoy it even more!
Meet Us Nick

nick (kunpc1)

Web Admin

Nick has been a Canada's Wonderland enthusiast for many years.  He's typically found behind the camera trying to get that perfect shot/angle.  After compiling and sorting through all that content, he enjoys editing it all in to the great videos that are posted here.