CWMania is Back!

Welcome back, CWManiacs!

After a hectic couple months, Jeff and I are making some BIG changes to the CWMania website.  We ask for your patience as we slowly rebuild the website in to a fantastic meeting place for this community of Canada’s Wonderland fans.

The first steps include polishing-up the navigation of this new site, adding new picture galleries and linking all of our YouTube videos.  As you can see, website development is well underway.  The galleries will take some time as I have over a decade of pictures to filter through and upload.  I’ve started by adding a scrolling slideshow for most categories and will eventually create a proper page for each ride & roller coaster.  I’ve also created a landing page for our YouTube videos that so many people have enjoyed over the years.  There is some retro stuff in there!


Once we have the basics back up and running, my ultimate goal is to have a full community forum once again.  I have always enjoyed forums over social media when trying to follow specific threads.   This will be especially important with some of the BIG projects that are underway at Wonderland.

Thank you again to everyone that has made the CWMania community such a huge success over the years.  Jeff and I are so proud to be a part of this group and look forward growing it as we move forward.

Talk soon,



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