Medical Marijuana In Park

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Medical Marijuana In Park

Postby James812 » 14 Jun 2016, 21:48

Just thought I would post this in case anyone else is searching the internet for this information. If you are a medical marijuana user you can smoke in designated smoking area only. However be prepared to be stopped by security semi-regularly to check your credentials. Usually you just need to show them your card but i did have one of my interactions with security a little bit more involved.

Security slowly walked up to me and my friend awkwardly yesterday and stood close in front of us and started to talk on their walkie-talkie and said they had a 10-somthing (code for smoking pot in the park I guess) and has to tell dispatch repeatedly where we were smoking. Anyways after just sitting there on a bench in the smoking area waiting for them to talk to us we broke the silence and gave them our information. I was a little concerned because they copied my marijuana card information down on their pad which was unusual. They did leave and the guy joked and said to enjoy but the interaction was much more involved that time.

Moral of the story, it appears not all staff knows about this rule and the handling of the situation might be different each time. Most of the time staff already knew we most likely are medical users (since smoking pot in a smoking area) but be prepared for explaining a little more sometimes.

Hopefully Canada's Wonderland will streamline the verification process and have staff fully informed on this policy.

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