Inside information

Ponder any possible rumours surrounding Canada's Wonderland here.
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Inside information

Post by DantheMan » 03 Jul 2010, 00:44

To clarify something, inside information is defined as knowledge of something only disclosed to park employees and that is not public knowledge. Park employees sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that this sort of information is not leaked to the public.

Rumours are exciting to talk about, there is no doubt about it. However, there is right way and a wrong way to introduce information into a rumour discussion.

RIGHT WAY: So I heard that we are getting an Intamin coaster next year (with no disclosure of any inside source as this keeps all parties out of trouble).

WRONG WAY: I heard from John Doe, my best friend, who works as a ride op at Wonderland, that the employees were told that the park is getting an Intamin coaster next year. (This discloses the source of the information and jeopardizes the employment of the friend that works at the park and is going to make the poster feel very guilty when the friend is disciplined / fired from the park.

The "right way" allows CWMania to keep a good relationship with the park, the employee to keep their job, the discussion to be exciting and everyone is happy. I hope this helps clear things up.
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Re: Inside information

Post by kunpc1 » 01 Aug 2012, 10:39

I would just like to remind everyone that posting "inside information" is not permitted on this site.

Remember, posting within the rules promotes a good relationship with Canada's Wonderland. This means YOU get to participate in amazing events such as Behemothon, Leviamania and Hauntmania events. When this relationship is tarnished, we lose out on things like the amazing behind-the-scenes look at how Haunt is put together as we did last season. I know everyone that has attended these events has really appreciated what the park has done for us.

As Dan mentioned above, the RIGHT WAY to post information:
"So I heard that we are getting an Intamin coaster next year (with no disclosure of any inside source as this keeps all parties out of trouble)."

And if you are a park employee, I would recommend following your Non-Disclosure Agreement. Park management (from all the departments, not just PR) frequents this site regularly.

Thank you all for helping us keep a great working relationship with Canada's Wonderland.
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