King's Island And Cedar Point

Let us know about future trips to Canada's Wonderland on the calendar or post about the details of the trip after.
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King's Island And Cedar Point

Post by mdc1271 » 03 Jul 2014, 12:53

I recently went to King's Island and Cedar Point for a few days ending in June. I want to tell about my experience while on this trip.
King's Island is an amazing park. Very well run. No complaints. Banshee is a fabulous ride, especially the front seat. Zero tolerance policy with carry on items. The only item your allowed to put to the side is flip flops. Longest wait time was 45 minutes, although I only waited 10-15 minutes for each of my 6 rides.
The ride has been themed very well. There is a Son of Beast crypt built through out the cue. Load times are very quick. They have eliminated the drop platform on the station as well. Photo shop and store are located directly below the station.
The Racer and The Beast are still fabulous rides, Both are still very smooth. DiamondBack seemed to be running really rough, and loud. Not sure why there was so much noise. Seats also seemed to be really dirty (headrest area). Vortex has turned into a horrible ride, Very, very rough. It's a headbanger type of ride.
Soak City is a great water park, although a part of it was closed down due to a watermain break. It was a very busy day at the water park, I am sure with the separate entrance, This helps with attendance. I also like the fact that they do a movie every Friday nite. Why does CW not do this, Just curious. They also need more restaurants during open on peak days, as I had to wait 45 minutes for lunch. Locker rentals start at $13 for the day.
Cirque Imagine was a fantastic show. Just the way I remember it at CW. Completely full show, Standing ovation at the end of the performance. Good Job King's Island.
Here's another idea I like. Re-fillable Snack bucket. $7.59 for your first purchase, and .99 cents for refills. You have the option to choose Popcorn or Cotton Candy.
Freestyle machines are located throughout the park, and are included in the .99 cents refills. I also like this idea, as the price of a pop does not change weather you but Coke for Cherry Coke.
The Crypt is completely closed up, No signage at all. Also, They have nothing going on with the Action Theatre. Seemed like it was run down went I could see it from the Racer. Flight of fear was closed as well.
Overall, I really good park, and very well run. The games attendants will chat with you while your on your way to your ride, which I thought was different. CW games employee's are very quiet.

And now Cedar Point. GateKeeper is a great ride. It is definitely different. It would make a great addition to our park. Early ride times has changed a bit over the years. It now includes GateKeeper, Raptor, Millinnum Force, and Maverick. Water rides do not open until 12 PM, This includes Thunder Canyon, Snake River, Shoot the Rapids- Did not open at all! And there are some rides that do not open until 11 AM, Mean Streak, Gemini- Not sure what the reason is of this. Top Thrill Dragster opens when they feel like it- It was intermittent all day, as they like to give it a break throughout the day.
Illuminosity was not a good show, Bad choice of music, and singers were not GOOD. I am not sure what has happened to this show, as it use to be very good.
Freestyle Machines are included with your souvenir cup refills, But they need more machines throughout the park.
And once again, They are very strict about carry on items. If they allow you to take something into the cue, It has to be very small. Basically, It means souvenir bottles, and flip flops, glasses, and hats. That's about it.
They are celebrating 2 Anniversary's this summer, Blue Streak and Magnum XL. They have added 2 new rides, which did not seem to be attracting a lot of people. Both rides were not busy.
And for my final comment about going to parks, whether your an employee or a guest. When it hot and sunny, Drink lots of water. A ride operator passed out directly in front of me. I will be glad to say that everything is OK, and that everything was taken care of quickly. It was a sign of Heat Stress. An important reminder to park management, Please make sure you build proper coverage from the sun when you build rides. Spending 8-10 hours in the sun is tough to deal with, plus dealing with the general public, and operating rides adds onto the responsibility.
That's about it for now.

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