Our 2015 Cedar Point

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Our 2015 Cedar Point

Postby Qdriver » 28 May 2015, 03:10

Just halfway through our weeklong stay here and there's about 3 fantastic things that are standing out for me this year.

1. I am fairly happy with Rougarou. In fact I'm really starting to love it. Maybe it's just the difference between the stress on my legs while I was standing up, to enjoying that track with all those twists and inversions while in a relaxed feet dangling pose, but I seem to be enjoying the new version just a little bit more. Don't get me wrong, especially with the loss of Skyrider I will always love and miss Mantis.

2.For me there's nothing better than Maverick, just about anywhere, and now it just got even better with those new shoulder harnesses. Softer and a little tighter to the chest and shoulders, it removed those few occasions (for me) of putting my ear into those harder restraints. Probably not a big deal for many out there, but I'm a short dude and my head is like right there. If they could only do something like this at CW, I just might thoroughly enjoy Flight Deck.
3. The all season dining plan works great with our CW passes. I was a little concerned that there would a problem with using it here but no issues whatsoever. Additional to this is the option of paying an extra 2$ for subway or 8$ I think for the all you can eat buffet. We've used it as well at Wonderland last week and were very pleased with the whole program.

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