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Best way to read the forums

Postby ThrillFan » 05 Sep 2014, 13:20

I have found reading messages on here (phpBB) to be a little clunky, and I can't help think that I am not using the board properly and am doing things in a more complicated way than necessary.

I have used many different online forums, message boards, and bulletin board systems; and typically there is a feature that goes from the topic you've finished reading, right to the next unread post. I haven't been able to find that feature here. Is there a way to do this that I've overlooked?

Typically I click [FORUMS] at the top, and click [View Unread Posts] on the top right under the button bar. I then click the View first unread post icon (Image) on the first post -- which jumps to the first unread post. I read the full thread (and reply if applicable). When I'm done reading the thread, I tend to click [FORUMS] at the top again, and repeat the whole process.

Sometimes, if there are a lot of new posts on a variety of topics, once I get the list of unread posts I will right-click on the View first unread post icon (Image) and open it as a background tab, and do this for a number of the topics, just to minimize the number of times I need to click back and forth between [FORUMS] and [View Unread Posts].

It gets the job done -- it just seems more complicated and more manual than it should be. I keep thinking that there has to be an easier way. What am I missing?

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Re: Best way to read the forums

Postby DantheMan » 06 Sep 2014, 23:49

You're no missing pretty much summed up the process.
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