CWMania has been updated

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CWMania has been updated

Postby DantheMan » 27 Sep 2016, 03:03

Hello CWManiacs,

As you have no doubt noticed, the website has been updated. We were long overdue to move to the latest version of our forum software and a new look for the site. There are a couple of things I would like to note:
- this is the not the final look for the site, it is temporary. The final look will take time to piece together but it was more important to get the software updated before the look of the site
- only the forums will currently be available. The other features of the site will return at some time in the future, yet to be determined.

If you have questions, please feel free to send me a message or ask your questions in this topic.

Welcome to Our Wonderland!

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Johnny Au
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Re: CWMania has been updated

Postby Johnny Au » 28 Sep 2016, 03:48

Looks like no Halloween Haunt skin this year.

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Re: CWMania has been updated

Postby Ragebob » 01 Oct 2016, 22:29

it's okay but it's hard to access on moble
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Re: CWMania has been updated

Postby StEC » 05 Oct 2016, 22:59

I personally love this site like this it's so much easier to read without eye strain of the dark text on a dark background!
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